Chandelier To Candle Chandelier #2

This was one of my favorite small rehabs for the vintage bazaar this past spring. You often find these basic chandeliers for cheap or free. 

This one was missing the light holders so it was pretty easy to make it into a candle chandelier. 

I spray painted it in this pretty blue shade from Rustoleum, there basic spray paint but I can't remember the color's name. 

I had to do several light coats and turn the chandelier a millions times to cover it it took about two days of painting. 

To hold candles I went to A.C Moores and found these wood candlesticks for about a $1 each. I stained them in Minwax's gray stain. There were bolts already in the holders on the chandelier so we drilled holes through the candlesticks and screwed them on and used a heavy duty glue to make sure they were completely attached. My guy helped me with this part. 

I would of loved to display candles in this for the show but with the 90 degree heat and humidity the candles would of melted. 

This was popular at the show and sold the last day. I hope to find more to make into candle chandeliers. 

The before

In May, 2011 I created one similar to this 

you can read that post here.

I also have this old brass chandelier that works but is missing a few crystals, but is still for sale.

and my diy rope shade/pendant light is also still for sale. 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg