Tutorial - Freezer Paper Stenciled T-Shirts

I once read online that you can make stencils out of freezer paper and when you iron them on a shirt or fabric they stick! So I had to try it myself. 

I actually ended up making three shirts....and next I will be trying this out for pillows. 

The freezer paper really really works. I also have a huge box already on hand in my craft room. 

Before we get to the tutorial I'm going to share the shirts I revamped. 

The triangle shirt is my favorite....I saw a triangle pillow or fabric somewhere online and although they were close together and in a pattern that gave me inspiration do make a triangle pattern shirt. I did not necessarily want to keep it a pattern, I wanted it more random. With different sized triangles. This required adding a few here and there...letting it dry and adding more...until I was happy with it. 

Did I mention the shirt was $4 on clearance?

I added the ampersand to this tank top...my tutorial is on this one. 

and this is the first one I did...my tester tee...I saw some nice arrow shirts on Etsy so I made this...I do wish I added more arrows. 

Now to the easy tutorial.....you may get addicted and want to make many shirts or pillows, decorate canvas totes and so much more!  

What you need
1. A shirt ( make sure to wash it first ) 
2. Freezer paper
3. X acto knife or similar
4. Pencil or pen
5. Cutting mat
6. Fabric medium and paint ( I also used screen printing ink ) 
7. Cardboard
8. Iron 
9. Foam brushes 

Step 1

You need a hard layer in between the shirt, a nice piece of cardboard works great. 
Iron before if needed

Step 2

Draw your design on the freezer paper. Draw on the rough side because you place the smooth shiny side down on the fabric. You can print a simple image and trace onto freezer paper as well. 

Then cut out your design, for this I had to cut out the inside first and put those two pieces aside, then I cut the whole shape out. 

Step 3

I place the smooth side down and iron all over...it only takes a few seconds but make sure its completely sticking down. 

I added the other pieces to complete the ampersand symbol 

Step 4

Mix your paint and medium following the directions on the bottle. I used this method for this shirt and the arrow one...for the triangle shirt I used screen printing ink. 

I find using these cheap foam brushes are the great for sponging on the paint. I buy these in bulk when they are 20 for a $1 

Sponge it on all over making sure you get all the sides and you layer on a nice coat. Then peel of the freezer paper carefully. 

Then you let it dry..usually 24 hours and iron to heat set.

and you will have a custom made shirt

I actually wore this shirt for the first day of the fall vintage bazaar. 

Of course don't wash it right away either, read the directions on how to wash and dry on the fabric medium bottle. 

If you follow this tutorial I'd love to see the shirts or what else you might create! 
 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg

I will be sharing this freezer paper t shirt tutorial at many awesome link parties, you can see which ones here.