Dining Room Updates

Earlier I shared the benches I gave a quick makeover to de-clutter the dining room. Now I'm sharing some of the changes I've done in the room. 

I use the top of the hutch to hold my cake stands and two small globes. 

I'm still planning on taking this out and keeping the server and adding sleek wall shelves. 

I bought two IKEA AGEN chairs for the ends of the table. 

I did not want to buy the only pads they carried for the chair so instead I bought two flat pillow forms that were $3.99 each and I already have way too much fabric at home so I made envelope covers and made my own cushions. 

If you haven't noticed I'm bring in more black in to this room. But these chairs bring a natural texture to the space which I love. They were also really affordable.

I put the antique orange chair into the corner. I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't think I have the time to recover it. My other thought was painting the wood and selling it as is with the fabric. Its not a bad orange its much nicer in person. 

I bought the deer print from our bedroom to here to change the art. 

I also hung my lovely chevron plate that my sister made and gave it to me for a Christmas gift. I'm still looking for something roundish to hang up next to it. My sister has the most beautiful pottery and although we are much alike with the patterns and colors we love I love it more then anything getting a handmade gift. You can see her etsy shop here.

I'm still changing things...getting it ready for the holidays. I would love to add bookcases or something to make the room a more useful place. But I like to decorate over time and not quickly. 

I couldn't get a nicer photo from this view. This is one of the rooms in the house that gets the worst lighting. The only thing Halloween in here is the candelabra and purple candles. 

This photo was taken about two years ago. The table is in my craft room now and I sold all the chairs. 

I took the weird blue fabric of the curtains so now they are just white. The chandelier does not center with the table...its very annoying. 

I want to put down pine flooring so I can stain it a gray. 

Until then I live with what I have.

Because what I really need is a new camera! 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg