Diy Fall Centerpiece Display

Here is my fall display I put together for the fall vintage bazaar. This also makes a pretty centerpiece. 

I ended up bringing it to my booth at Crompton Collection but I would like to make another one for my home.

You could display real acorns, felts ones or any decoration. I used it to display my clay tags for the show, shop and some I sell in my Etsy shop. 

To put my fall display together I simply searched for sticks around our driveway....which surprisingly for living in the woods it was hard to find good sticks that were already on the ground and not from a pine tree.

Once I found the sticks I cleaned them up a bit then started spray painting them with the Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint. I did about two coats and let them dry. 

The old coffee pot was a freebie that was going to be tossed. It was large and heavy so a perfect fit. I used a  Styrofoam block from the floral department to hold the sticks inside. I had to cut the corners off to get it to fit. 
Once I figured out my placement for the sticks I stuck them into the block. I placed some small rocks over to hold it in place and add weight. I wanted to make sure it would not knock over. Then to cover the foam and rocks I used Spanish moss from the craft store. 

Then I added my tags

Another great idea which I've done in the past is paint them black for Halloween and I also painted sticks white for Christmas. 

I love grabbing goods from nature. 

What this cost

sticks - free
old coffee pot - free
moss - $4.99 a bag
paint - $4.00 - used a coupon at Michaels 
Block - $3.00
Total cost ( not including my tags )


Although I only used a little amount of paint and moss so I can get more projects done with those items. 

If your interested in my tags you can find the small acorns here, round small acorns here and large round acorns here
 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg
I will be sharing my fall centerpiece at many awesome link parties, you can see which ones here.