Fall Living Room and A Mirrored Window

Today I'm sharing my fall living room.
  Well its mainly the fireplace area but I do have other parts of the space to share. 

I'm also sharing this old window I gave almost a mercury glass effect. I wanted a mirror but not the reflection part. I basically just wanted it to reflect light to make the space brighter but didn't want the reflection of the ceiling fan showing when you looked at it. 

Before I get to the window....I kept the mantel simple. The bicycles were finds that I found on different days. Yet they are the same. I just love them that I wanted to keep them up. Two simple black bids and the gourd we grew in our non garden ( we didn't even know )

I found this Mid Century Modern leather chair for free. There is a small slit in the seat but it doesn't bother me. I keep my fluffy throw on it along with a pillow. I also brought out these broken lanterns and put these owl figures inside for  Halloween.

I'm still not able to find my camera charger....I'm about to just buy a new camera. The I used for these photos just doesn't work well in our dark home. 

To make my old window get a bit of the mirror look and to have slight reflection I first cleaned the glass and scraped any loose paint away from the area. I bought the Krylon  looking glass mirror spray paint. I picked it up at Walmart because it was cheaper there. I followed the instructions and did this outside and wore a mask because it smells bad. I also had a spray bottle with water to give it a bit of a worn look. 

I spray water on the glass in some areas and then sprayed on the mirror paint. I let it dry and did it again. I could of used vinegar to get more of a mercury glass but I liked the worn mirror look I was getting. I used the whole can on this one window. 

After completely drying I sprayed a clear sealer on the window frame to hold the chippy look. 

I really am please with how it came out. I defiantly want to do this on more windows. 

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would of seen me share this gazelle head I bought at Homegoods in August. I got a discount of its $39 asking price because he was missing a ear. I'm still going to make him ears I just keep forgetting. 

I hung him up over the computer cabinet in our living room. 

I also spray painted this wood elephant which has nothing to do with fall. 

Here is the window before

I had it outside for some time so the paint chipped away on its own. 

That is it for my fall living room. For now.

Hopefully soon I can find my camera charger....or get a new one because i

The fun graphics from the first photo came free from this blog here starsunflowerstudio.blogspot.com
 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg

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