My Halloween Mantel

My Halloween mantel was originally this but then switched to my fall mantel. I know who does that before Halloween? Well I wanted to get a fall and Halloween mantel so this was my original Halloween mantel and my fall mantel is here

I kept my chalkboard mirror up even though I really wanted to paint it gold...which I'm still planning on doing this for Christmas. 

The fabric banner was something I made last year for Halloween to sell and didn't so I kept one and brought the other into my booth. 

I just love the bicycles even if they have nothing to do with Halloween.

The plate stand was made for Christmas 2 years ago. I placed fake mini pumpkins inside. 

I love Halloween for the kids. 

Tonight we are going to spend some time with the in laws then go trick or treating them home. 

I will be sharing photos on my Facebook page and instagram! 

Have a safe and happy Halloween!
 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg