Everything Else Fall Vintage Bazaar

Here is my very last post on the fall vintage bazaar. 

It was a busy spring and summer to get ready for both the summer and fall show and now that its over until next time I was able to relax and work on other things. 

Of course Christmas is my biggest time of the year for online orders and my shop space. I'm even planning on doing a show at my local Whole Foods Market selling my clay tags, buntings and maybe towels. 

So basically I never stop working but at least I enjoy what I do everyday. 

Anyway back to the photos

I did different colors for the show this fall. Deep tones, blues, coral, yellows, mint and blacks. 

I didn't have as much as last time. 

The vintage folding chairs added warmth to my painted pieces.

I brought a bunch of white milk glass...which I was sad to sell the pitcher and glasses. 

These photos are not in order. I move things around all the time though out the two days.

I sold many of my towels, the wind kept blowing the tags off. 

This large wood frame is my favorite, so I used it for a display but I wont sell it. I will also be using it for a Christmas card display this year. 

These are my Halloween buntings and fall bunting I sell on my etsy shop and in my space at Crompton Collective. I'm currently working on Christmas ones. 

Its a lot of work setting up for shows like these. Being outside makes it harder weather wise. It rain the night before the last show and our tent collapsed. Luckily my guy and I covered everything in the center with plastic, blankets and the furniture on the ground had bags over the feet or legs. 

I'm working on getting a more suitable tent for next spring. 

The best thing about these shows is meeting new people. 

And buying from other vendors. 

If you want to see more info on the furniture I shared check out this list below

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg