Felt Wreath: The Tutorial

Yesterday I shared my felt wreath photos. Well today I'm sharing the tutorial. 

I did my best on getting detail photos...but they are a mix of a few different colors from the gray and white wreaths that I also made. But its so easy you don't really need the photos to understand.

You can see the part one post here.

What You Need
1. Embroidery hoop 
2. Felt (by the yard is your best choice)
3. Scissors  
4. Hot glue gun and glue sticks (lots) 
5. piece of heavy paper for making a stencil 
6. Tiny pom poms ( if wanted )

To Start

I made a little leaf stencil using heavy plasterboard paper. I actually made a few different shapes so they wouldn't all be the same. 

Then I cut a few long 2 inch or 1.5 inch wide strips of felt and a few more to put to the side. I found it easier to cut the felt strips shorter for cutting the leaves out. I watched a move or tv while doing this. You need a lot of leaves. 

With the long strips I glue one end to the hoop and wrapped it around gluing down on the hoop until I finish covering the hole hoop. It takes a few strips for small hoops. You need more for larger....and more leaves for larger ones.

Before you end it with the last strip I added a piece of twine I made into a loop and glued it to the wood. Then I cut a small slit through the felt strip and pulled the twine through and glue down the felt. This way you have a hanger and it looks neater. 

Then start gluing your felt leaves. 

To make a fuller felt wreath I started with a pattern of gluing like this in the photo below then added some inside the hoop and on the outside. All facing up and pointing in different directions. 

If you want a more simple laurel wreath just keep the leaves in a pattern like the photo below. 

Another thing I learn was gluing onto the leave was easier and less stringy then gluing on the hoop. 

As for the tiny pom poms...I don't actually have them glued on here. They just stick. I wasn't sure if I'd keep them there or not. They are cute so just add a dab of glue to add them. 

The felt is also easy to shape. You can bend the leaves a little making it more realistic. 

These make a nice decoration for the Holiday and winter months! They can be used again and again if stored properly. 

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial on making these cute felt wreaths. 

Here are some other ones I made in the past years 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg
I will be sharing my felt wreaths at the link parties on my link party page click here to see them all.