The New Gallery Wall

I've change my gallery wall! 

I've been adding new art over the past months now. I didn't rush the process. 

Some are creations by me, a few are new but the rest are vintage and one is by my oldest sister. 

Here is what my gallery wall looked like before

You can see my original post on the gallery wall last year here.

not bad but....I like change...and wanted a more eclectic style with old and new.

The only new items on the wall is that yellow plate with the bird, it came from Pier One, the small deer plate, that came from Target and the letter F. The house drawing was a gift to me from my older sister. Its one of the houses I grew up in. The canvas art were done by me. The rest were finds. The Ramon Santiago is my favorite long with the antique leather mirror. 

I didnt plan out the way I'd hang the art up...I kind of just went with it and loved it. Sometimes its nice to just go with it instead of thinking too much. 

The black Labrador plate was given to me by my man...for are love of this breed and of course our Zoey is a black lab. 

I've had some thoughts of collecting some more pieces and bringing the gallery down to the bottom....but I have very high ceilings so it might look weird.

I love gallery walls, I'm always finding new art or making it. 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg

I will be sharing my updated gallery wall at the link parties on my link party page click here to see them all.