Updated Fall Mantel: Foxes and Pom Pom Garland

The day after Halloween I took down my fabric bunting I had in my original fall mantel post and replaced it with a pom pom garland that matches my pom pom yellow and gray flowers. 

I also placed my white owl vase that were holding the flowers a few days before to add a bit of color. 

The foxes are also new! I just picked them up the other day. I've been wanting these since Target brought them out for there fall color collection. They were 14.99 new. I liked them a lot but I just don't spend money on things like this...I can't really..were a family of 7 ( that's including the dog )

So I had to go to Target a few days ago and I saw a few left and they marked them down to 10.48 or something like that and I still didn't buy them. 

Sunday I had to go get socks and pants for the kids so I made an excuse to visit Target.....and there were these two foxes left at 7.48 each so I bought them. With the last two left I knew they would be gone quick. 

They still have them online at Target

This is why I love Target...although the sad truth is yes we can buy clearance items there....but that just means they are ripping you off in the beginning with the original prices they put on it. 

I want to keep them up all year long. 

I know for Christmas I'm sticking with my winter wonderland theme so they will be perfect for Christmas decor. 

You can read my post on these pom pom flowers here which will take you to the tutorial. Making them into a garland is super easy. You make the pom poms then string through them with a needle. I used the gray yarn for the sting. 

This is the cleanest the living room ever gets....I'm still debating on recovering the two arm less blue chairs....but i'm really hoping to buy grey arm chairs. 

I'm currently working on my fall hall entry way table...and if its sunny enough for natural light to come in to take photos. 

My next post is on my new update gallery wall

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg
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