Yarn,Felt and Fur Trees

I love trees for winter and Christmas decor....any-kind of trees. From real to fake, to paper or sticks.  
You can make your own decor using simple materials. 

For these guys I used those paper mache cones from the craft store for the base. You can get them in different sizes. 

I found some tiny pom pom yarn at Michaels Arts and Crafts. This took some more time since its thin and small to wrap it around but I love the look and feel. 

The large one here was a mix of felt triangles and the pom pom yarn. The small one was all felt that I cut up into triangles.

This one I used fur scrap from my Anthropologie inspired fur stool. I did forget to trim the bottom before the photo. 

Before I added the felt or yarn I covered the cone in white felt. 

With the yarn and the felt its best to start at the bottom and work your way up. 

They look great with the foxes I bought from Target. 

Its almost Thanksgiving! Which is starting to freak me out. Christmas is about 3 weeks after Turkey day and that means more hustling. I have many crafts and photos to share and I have many more items to make and bring to my booth at Crompton Collective

The other thing is shopping for the kids. I have not started it. I know I usually have a pile from over the summer from sale items I've found but not this year. I haven't found much for them. It getting harder every year they get older. They want the high end tech toys or the expensive Lego sets. Its not easy to buy all 4 kids what they want. Its also hard to tell them they cant expect it. I want them to get what they want. I love seeing there faces light up when they get something exciting. This year is just going to be different. The tv and newspaper ads don't help either. Making Christmas about getting..not giving. 

Sorry to vent...but its true. I no for sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. 

Anyway...I'll be posting more crafts and Christmas decor soon. 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg
I will be sharing my felt,yarn and fur trees at the link parties on my link party page click here to see them all.