Diy: Spanish Moss Joy Letters Tutorial

Here is another easy Christmas craft project I finish a week ago. Joy letters with moss. I love the look of Spanish moss. Instead of using regular moss sheets I went for a fluffy look and Spanish moss was the way to go. Plus you get a lot more in a bag. 

I bought the letters from Hobby Lobby. They were sold out of the large O's so I had to go a size smaller. They have the best selection for letters compared to any other craft store I've been to.

I bought my moss at a local trading company. But you can find it in the floral department of most craft stores. 

What You Need

1. Letters ( wood,mdf or even cardboard ones you can cut your self will work)
2. Spanish Moss 
3. Lots of glue sticks and a glue gun
4. Hanging hardware
5. scissors 

The letters I used were made of mdf. 

The first thing you will want to do is add hanging hardware. Either saw-tooth hangers or those little triangle hangers or you can even staple ribbon or twine. 

I used saw-tooth hangers because I have a bag of them. I did however have to bend the nail down in front because the letters are not thick enough. You wont see it once you cover it in moss.

Prepare your moss...I took some out and pulled it loose and cut off long strands. Saving piles of tiny pieces to the side. 

Now you could paint your letters if you want to but I didn't. 

I work with sections at a time and piled on glue then placed some moss down working all the way around.

You can cover the bare areas after.  

Here is the Y

After putting the moss on the front I filled in bare areas with smaller pieces and with the tiny pieces everywhere I put those in a pile and add glue to the sides and added those tiny pieces to cover the sides. 

Then finish the other letters and trim around excess pieces to neaten up the letter shape....then your done. 

Very easy, affordable and very messy

Then hang them up to enjoy!

Now as for storing these for next year I'm pretty sure they will last a lifetime if you store them in a airtight container. 

I hope you enjoyed my Spanish moss Joy letter tutorial. I love adding more natural look into my Christmas decorating. 

Also I had so much moss left that I covered the paper mache cone with moss for a moss tree!

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg
I will be sharing my moss letters at the link parties on my link party page click here to see them all.