The Hot Chocolate Bar { Christmas }

I simply had no time to share my house decorated for Christmas except for the hall table. Many things were taken the day of Christmas also. This year was my busiest year for online orders and of course keeping my shop booth well stocked. Now that the kids are home for two weeks Its been hard to get anything done. 

I have changed some things around the house that I will be sharing soon. 

Anyway I'm excited to share my Hot Chocolate Bar I created for Christmas morning. We have close family over around 11am for a late breakfast. We serve breakfast casseroles, sausages, bagels, muffins and fruit. But this year I wanted to add a hot chocolate bar. So I dedicated the kitchen table to beverages. Minus the coffee because I had no room for it. 

The stainless steel urn is vintage and heavy duty. It was clean and in perfect condition inside. It was a lucky find. I cleaned it out with boiling water and soap. It did a great job on keeping the hot chocolate hot for about 5 hours. I covered the boring hot cups in black card-stock with cute stenciled designs on it to make them more interesting. I used a sharpie gold paint pen. I made the signs by free hand. 

Two days before I did my baking and I made s'mores on a stick, which is marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate then dipped in graham cracker crumbs. I fully dipped leftover ones in chocolate and dipped some in hazelnuts. I even made chocolate spoons. 

I whipped up the banner on Christmas eve using the same black card-stock and the paint pen. I filled in the letters with simple gold paint. 

I really enjoyed putting this all together. The kids enjoyed it the most. I will definitely be doing this again next year. 

My next post will be sharing our dining room set for Christmas. 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg