Big Changes Coming

I've been working on my new website! 

I have a business and a blog....but currently my website is just this blog which can be confusing to others and I felt like It was time to create a more professional website with a main landing page. I want you to be able to enter my website name in and for it to open up to a main home page where you can either goto my blog from there. 

My etsy shop will also be linked and my booth location. 

I will also have a separate blog for my shop news. With posts on new items going to the shop or online on etsy or just sharing my booth at Crompton Collective. 

Its going to be an exciting change.

After researching where to have my new website I ended up choosing Its simple and affordable and you can edit pretty much everything the way you want. 

When I finish designing my new website I will transfer my domain name over. I'm hoping to do this within a few days. I want to make sure its ready and this is my first time doing this. I'm doing it with no help and because has great and easy to read tutorials I think I will have no problems.

For updates on the big change just keep checking my Facebook page!

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg