The Christmas Mantel

Here is my Christmas mantel. I recently posted about my dining room and my hot chocolate bar.

I know its a new year but I still want to share a few more Christmas post. Technically I still have my tree up so I'm still enjoying Christmas. 

I bought the noel light up letters from Target a few days before Christmas. I really like it. Its a simple and easy decoration to put up. 

I used faux garland and my foxes I also bought from Target in the fall. I did hang the stockings this year. I used cup hooks. It looks so nice to see them hanging. I kept the window I turned into a mirror up because it adds more light and it brightens up the mantel.

I found these wood slice floral stems at a trading company and i just love them the way they look so stuck them into the garland.

Here is how the living room looked on Christmas eve. We had to rearrange furniture to make more space on the floor. You should see how crazy it gets with all the kids and gift opening. 

Speaking of gifts....I'm using my new Macbook pro. I bought it with the money gift my father gave me for Christmas. I've been wanting one for a long time so I went for it. I just got it delivered today! I bought it from an online store call it is a photography store. My sister bought hers from them. I got a deal and free fast shipping. The best part is not having to pay taxes on it. They even have an actual store in New York. So if your looking for a new Mac or camera then check them out.

Also my next post is on my Christmas tree....which was quite perfect this year. 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg