The New Sitting Room

For the past year I had thoughts on turning our breakfast nook into a sitting room...or a little place to sit, have coffee and watch the morning news. Well after Christmas I finally went for it. We have the dining room that gets used maybe a few times a year so that is now where we eat meals. We also have  the island were we eat breakfast ad the kids do during the week. So we really didn't need the extra table. 

I'm not completely finish decorating but I was excited to share my new space.

The before

I brought in furniture from around the house. The chair and settee or small love seat came from our master bedroom.  I wouldn't mind finding a love seat thats something a bit wider and more comfortable but it works for now.

The round metal red basket was a clearance find at Target. I paid $7.48 for it. It makes a great landing spot for magazines and extra throws.

I don't want to share to much on the settee yet...since I haven't actually shared the before and after of the master bedroom.

The cute pillows came from H&M. 

The coffee table is technically a bench. I took this from the living room. It really fits nicely in the small space. 

The TV stand is a bookshelf that I'm temperarly using also. It was the only thing I had that would fit. It works for now. 
I put casters on it so I could easily move it. I tend to use this room for photographing furniture so I wanted to make everything moveable. 

I placed one of the IKEA chairs from the dining room in here. I had it in front of the right window more but the dog only likes to look out that window. 

Here it was without the TV and lamp in the room

The lamps ( that you can only see the base ) is a mid century chrome floor lamp. I swapped out the non original shade for a more modern one.  

We have had the space for a little over a week now and I'm really enjoying it. Its my new favorite place to hang out in. I can work on my computer, watch the news and drink coffee. Zoey really enjoys it also. 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg