The Provincial Desk

I recently just finish refinishing this desk....okay so its actually a vanity. Thats what it says on the back of it but It can be used for either purposes and for the photos I liked putting it together as a desk.

It had been painted white and was chipping away so I started to sand it with no plan on what I was painting it. Since it sanded so well I decided to stain the whole piece. Un-painted can add warmth to a space. A rule of design is to have at least one piece of furniture that is not painted in a room. Thats what the top designers say anyway.

The before

I had a photo on my old phone that I can't seem to find of when I first got this with the chippy paint on it. This photo was taken during the sanding process.

Update: I found a photo on my Instagram account of this vanity when I first got it

Its the one in the bottom left corner....  

The stain is a nice color. Dark with red tones but not to dark. The knobs add a sparkle to the wood. They are mercury glass and from Hobby Lobby. 

To me the best part of finishing a piece is decorating it. The knobs are like jewelry and I have so much fun finding knobs for a piece. I tend to stock up on them when they are on sale. 

My favorite places for knobs are Hobby Lobby, Anthropologie, and estate sales for old ones.

I like to mix up my work...from painting to not painting. Sometimes I even find a piece that I don't want to touch at all. 

I have to say I love this vanity/desk now. Its not going to be easy to let it go. 

I already brought this into my booth at Crompton Collective. 

A little note before I finish this post....I received a new camera from my hubby this past Christmas so I'm still learning its features and how to use it correctly. I'm hoping my photos are much better then they were with the old one.   

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg
I will be sharing my provincial desk at the link parties on my link party page click here to see them all.