The Antique Hutch

I completed this hutch a few weeks ago. I love antique hutches and this one was very different from the last one I did. I love the curves, the legs and the detail.  

I decided to leave some areas unpainted. The shelves can only come out if you remove the glass and since we couldn't figure out how to do that I decided not to paint them or the inside. I really like leaving some wood un touched. It adds warmth to the piece.


The before

The white dishes and decor look great inside the hutch. You could use this hutch for storing towels and bath supplies or blankets and quilts. I can this hutch and the other one I have in my booth being used in a baby or child's room for clothes or toys and books. 


I kept the original knobs on the piece. This is currently still for sale in my booth at Crompton Collective.


If your wondering were I have been and don't check my Facebook page or Instagram feed well I had a bit of an emergency and a hospital visit recently. I had a perforated appendix. Which means my appendix got infected and burst but luckily my body created a layer around it protecting the toxins from leaking into my body.

I wasn't feeling that well for a week and half before I went to the hospital to see what was going on. I wasn't in much pain to even think of appendicitis. I couldn't have surgery right away. I had to wait a few days until the infection went down and be on heavy antibiotics. After surgery I had to stay at the hospital for 3 more days. 

I've been home recovering and getting better each day. Before I couldn't get up myself out of bed or a chair and now I'm going grocery shopping and picking the kids up from the bus. It was touch and boring to just sit down and not do anything. Especially hard seeing my guy do all the work and me being helpless. I did also learn how more amazing my man is. He helped me with a lot and I love him even more for that.

Its been almost 3 weeks since being in the hospital. I have 3 more weeks of not lifting anything heavy or doing anything strenuous. I had a major surgery not a minor one. I will still feel discomfort for weeks and maybe longer. I have to say I miss painting furniture and being able to do the everyday things I did. So I'm following my surgeons orders so I can get back to normal life. 

So if you happen to see my booth please excuse the way it looks, My guy is going to move furniture to my workshop so I can start painting again. 

I also have a few more furniture make overs to share from before all this happen.