Schoolhouse Chalkboard Wall and New Light


I finished this project back in November.

I always thought about painting this wall in our hall for a while and I decided to go ahead and do it. I went with school house green because I wanted something different then black.


Here is the before. Just a plain wall with the emergency oil switch. This hall leads to bedrooms, mudroom and garage and to the living room and kitchen. So a lot of traffic comes through here.


I used the rustolium chalkboard paint at Home Depot and had them mix the color schoolhouse green to it.


The light fixtures were found at Walmart and part of a vintage collection. They were a clearance find from $20 and I paid $8 for each. I bought four of them so two went in this hall and the other two in the mudroom.

i like the industrial look, much better then the boob light.


Harper likes to write on this and I put announcements or birthdays for that month on it. I really just like the look of chalkboard paint.

This is a easy diy project and changing out light fixtures is a great way to update a space.


New Work Space With A Built In Desk


I am excited to share my new work/craft space! My space was down in the basement and although I had a huge room to myself and lots of storage I decided it would be better to have a space up here on the main floor. This way I can get work done ( sometimes ) while Harper and Weston are close by playing with there toys or watching a movie.

It’s not ideal for some to have this in the living room but it works for us. It could all be easily taken apart if we ever need to.


The desk top is my favorite part of this space. It was actually a nice kitchen table made in england. My hubby cut it down to size to fit and mounted it to the wall and to the cabinet. It was nice to use it for something since it was collecting dust in the basement.

I used daddy vans natural beeswax to coat the top for protection. I did not stain it.


The couch and shelf behind the sofa are a bit in the way for a picture.

The cabinet is a computer cabinet that we got for free years ago.

To the right you can see the kid craft area. Basically Harpers area to make a mess. I will share more about that area and the inside of the and before and after of the cabinet in another post.


Here is a before of the area…how cute is Weston playing with the airplane? We had the play kitchen in this corner when the Christmas tree was up but other then that I never had anything permeant in the space.

open shelving-1

The most expensive item I bought for my workspace was the chair. I think I paid $90 for it on sale at our local Staples. I liked the color and I normally do not care for computer/office chairs but I did not mind this this one. I like that you can adjust for height and its pretty comfortable for working long periods of time.

The shelving is from Home Depot, the gold metal shelf to the right I found a year ago at Michales. The desk lamp was a freebie and I’m not sure were the scissor hanger is from. The wall organizer under the shelf was from Ikea ( they don’t carry this one anymore unfortunately ) but the white plastic bins they do have. The cart underneath is another Ikea find and I do not have anything in it yet because of Weston.


I have so much craft, sewing…etc stuff that I have not organized let. So far I am only keeping the items I use the most up here and still have to go through so much. I’m trying to keep everything neat and went with white bins to store items.


This wood organizer was a free find from maybe 4 years ago and I painted it in chalkboard paint. They have something similar at Ikea.

I need to get another square bin to put up top and I bought those at Target. They are also my favorite for storing toys because they are easy to clean. The other bins are from Ikea.

I am happy to blog more now and to start my etsy shop back up with new adventures. Although this new work area is not perfect or completely organized its my personal space for me.

Thank you for seeing my new space and stay tuned for the inside of the cabinet and the kid craft area.


Wild One First Birthday


Our baby boy turned one already! His first year went by so fast. I will share some pictures of his first year and favorite baby products soon. Today I’m sharing his first birthday party.

I really liked seeing the wild one theme on Pinterest and using the more woodland/camping ideas. The lanterns were actually after Christmas find from two years ago and added that camping touch.

The balloon garland was a must, I have been wanting to make one for some time now. I went with this tape to make it and these balloons for the color scheme. Along with these dark balloons.

I have to admit it was a long process to make the garland. My fingers hurt so bad from tying and the light green balloons were so hard to tie. I did use a balloon hand pump which was very useful.


He loved his cake.

The fabric I used to make a tablecloth for our hall table is a soft flannel material I picked up from Joann fabrics. You can find it here. I plan on turning it into a blanket also so it was not used for just one day.


Here he is really enjoying his cake.

The chalkboard I have had for a few years now it was actually a mirror that i painted over. The one balloon was from the party store. I made the hanging backdrop from cute paper I bought at Michaels and hung them on the antlers hiding behind the balloons.


I was very proud of myself for how his cake turned out. This was the first time making a naked cake. I used a smaller deep cake pan and i freezer the cakes so i could easily slice them to make a 4 layer cake. I used a whipped frosting which was easy to spread.

Have you seen naked cakes on Pinterest? There are so many pretty ones.

I used my Silhouette cameo machine to cut the Wild One cake topper. I just use the software and connect the font together so it cuts one piece all together. I really love having that machine for making things like this.

The slice of wood can be found at craft stores.


We made cupcakes for the guests and also had ice cream cake because we celebrated Harper turning 4.


The cupcake toppers match the invitations I ordered on Etsy. They were a digital file and I printed and punched them out and used craft sticks and hot glue to make them into toppers. You can find them here. The invitations I used are here.

The little trees and the wood grain cupcake wrappers are from amazon.

The stand I used was a freebie I picked up and painted gold a long time ago.


The invitations I used. It was digital file you could edit yourself and I had them printed at staples. I really love the trees and colors on these.


My handsome little guy! He was excited for the party and woudln’t sit still so i could get a picture of his shirt. It says wild one with an arrow and a bear. I order here.

The party was great. I kept the gust list low because Weston is still in the stranger stage and although he had no problems with everyone watching him eat cake and open presents.

why do they have to grow up so fast?

I also wanted to say thanks for reading my first post in a long time. I have had some hard days and great days and I missed writing, crafting, creating and sharing my ideas. I plan to get back into posting a few posts a week, updating my website and getting my etsy shop back up with new items as well. I do not plan on selling clay tags like i did before right away. Thanks again!