My Must Have Baby Products


Today I am sharing some of my favorite baby products that we used with Weston. If you are new here Weston was born on March 13th, 2018. He is almost 17 months old now. I also have a 4 year old daughter, 15 year old son and a 18, almost 16 and almost 13 year old step sons. I have used many baby products in the past.

The stroller system I bought was this The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System. I really like how it turned from a bassinet style to regular seat. Plus having the infant car seat that easily clicks into the stroller is ideal when going in and out of places. They even have a newer style out that does more then this one Evenflo Pivot Expand.


Here is Weston at just a week old going for blood work in the car seat in the stroller…poor little guy had to get so much blood taken with in his first two weeks of life. He had jaundice and it took him a while to get to normal results.


He was so tiny.


This Diaper Bag Backpack by HYBLOM was the best diaper bag I have ever used. This one is waterproof with durable 12 compartment pockets. I never used a backpack style and I regret that after using one for the first time. It is so much easier to carry around and a baby. Plus you can attach it to the stroller. Giving you more space in the storage baskets.


A simple Fisher-Price Bouncy Seat is the way to go. He loved this one shown in the picture and a similar design is this Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer. Easy to move around and easy to clean.

A baby wrap is amazing if you want to get stuff done around the house, go for walks or just to go grocery shopping. This is the one I purchased and I really liked it until Weston was bigger then we would use the Ergo Baby Carrier. This wrap is the Baby Wrap Carrier for Newborn and Infant ( in the Dark Grey Heather color is what I picked ) by Cutie Carry. Very affordable and youtube is a great place to watch how to videos on using wraps.

This VAVA Night Light is rechargeable and has different brightness setting with just a tap to the top. Great for night time changes or feedings. Also great for travel. We still use it at night for reading books before bed so I don’t have to turn on the bright light.


After we started baby food we used this Boon Pulp Feeder. Its a great way to add fresh fruit or cooked veggies and they just get the juices and pulp from it and so much easier to clean then the mesh ones. Frozen fruit is great for teething.


A simple diaper caddy to have next to your changing table or to move around to any room you need it in is very helpful. This is the one I used, Diaper Caddy Organizer and it came with a large changing pad and pacifier clips.

I also take this with me when we travel from home and keep it on the floor in the back east.


Lastly a car seat/stroller cover that is light and breathable are great for keeping the sun out or anyone who might want to touch your sweet little baby when your out and about. This one I purchased is no longer in stock but this Premium Soft, Stretchy, and Spacious 4 and 1 by Pobibaby is really cute.

Some other favorites is the Marpac Dohm Sound Machine, a must have when you have older kids and a dog in the house. A Fisher-Price Jumperoo when they are ready, a Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer to warm up bottles, Dr. Brown’s Original Bottles are what we used when he was a infant and sleep sacks are the best invention ever. I used many different ones but a regular one when they like having there arms free are the best. This Touched By Nature Baby Organic Cotton one is what we are using currently since its lightweight for summer.

I always find it helpful when parents share there favorite must have items for babies, it can always be stressful when trying to figure out what you need.

What are your favorite items for a baby? Share in a comment below.

Thanks for reading!


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