My Space - At Crompton Collective

Today was a very exciting day for me. I set up my space at Crompton Collective. With my guys help of course.

It will be nice to not have to set things up and take them down at the end of the day. Plus there are so many other fabulous venders and really great finds. 

Here it is so far. I will be bringing more items in soon. This is the beauty of having a space. My sister might also be sharing with me with her gorgeous ceramics.

This is before filling it. I chose this area to get the wall space. The door isn't to much of a problem I just can't place anything in front of it. I do get to bring my stuff through the door. 

I love everything about the inside of this place. The large window brings in lots of natural light. Except for today because a storm was coming through.  I'm hoping to make a tall skinny display to hold my package items in the corner next to the door. I also want to get a rug for my space. 

My awesome guy hung everything up on the walls for me. Since we were working with a brick wall I didn't know how to. I'll be bring this cool iron rusty candle chandelier soon because there is already a hook in the ceiling to hang it.

I made lots of pom pom flowers to sell. 
Excuse the cell phone photo, my camera died in the middle of taking photos.

I brought in a few vintage goodies, including Wheaten milk glass canisters, they are very art deco, the old metal crate and the white blanket. 

 I picked up the globe at a flea market this past Sunday.

My guy hung the buntings, I made two new mini paper ones with a faded wood grain in green and red and white bakers twine to display and sell. 

I can't wait to go back and bring in some new items. I'm already painting a new dresser and a few small items. 

If you are from around this area you should come down and take a look at this place. 

Here is the address, click on the link above to see hours
 138 Green Street (Ground Level)
Worcester, Massachusetts 01604