My Space This Week & Some Fresh New Items

Today I brought in more pieces of furniture, some of my handmade items and a few vintage finds into my space at Crompton Collective.

I moved items around but also have a new dresser to bring in later this week....its a heft one and requires help.

I was glad that I was able to hang this rusty vintage candle chandelier up. There was already a place to hang it from. 

I finished the silhouette deer head pillow last night. I brought in this neat basket, two trees that I sprayed glitter all over to freshen them up and last the candlestick holders I painted in a lime green along with a vintage metal flower holder. 

Here is the table I just finished the other day....yes its just like my stenciled blue table. I just did it a little different. I also added a cute feather image on the bottom shelf. This table is very old but solid wood and I love the crack in the top. 

I painted this vintage frame and hung my clay bunting on looks super cute together...I just finished the be merry one last night. I also brought in a vintage metal ladies home journal recipe box filled with recipes. 

These have stripes. 

On the top left is a shelf with doors I painted in the same lime green as the candlestick holders and the doors in a dark gray. The inside was painted in classic gray. I brought in the big metal spoon, this would be great in a kitchen. 

I put these "days of the week" clothe pins together. They are vintage ones...much nicer then the new ones. These will make great gifts.

This is a large cork board I covered in burlap fabric and painted the frame. I couldn't get a good photo of this.

Tomorrow I'm going to share my jelly cabinet makeover ( which its already here in the space).....this way my post doesn't keep getting longer. 

I will be sharing this at the link parties listed on my party page here