My Space Updated

 Yesterday I spent a few hours taking down my leftover Christmas items..which was not many and adding new items to my space at Crompton. The day after Christmas we brought in the happy table and moved furniture and items around to change things up.

The new mid century gray piece is in now.  I also made more clay buntings and hung up a cool framed map of Hartford Connecticut.

I also brought in a new globe, very cool wood ashtrays and the horse figure. 

I made new art also, clay wall art. 

I'm making more for my space and etsy shop.

I made Valentine's Day cards

I tried taking better photo's of the dresser...since I finally remembered to bring my camera with me.

I brought in the little red stool with neat pulls on the side in and a metal wine bottle holder? I think thats what its for but it looks like a harness. Its cool.

I stocked up on my clay tags, with all the newest line I have. I will share more of them in another post. 

 and valentines ones!

 I have to mention that this was the best thing I've ever done. I love being a vender at Crompton Collective and the best part is that I enjoy every minute of it!

Now that the Christmas crazyness is over I'm going to focus on the house and still paint and make things for my space but I'm ready to finish our room and start new projects.