Shop Talk

The seasons change so fast, Friday I went to my space at Crompton and cleared out the Valentines Day items and some wintery items and replaced it with spring items. 

Since I'm always creating or revamping items for my space I tend to bring in newer items every two weeks. 

This week was more about the smaller things and vintage items. I brought in a vintage brass desk lamp and brass duck bookends 

Brass animals, the unicorn is my favorite. These are really in right now. They were not easy to place price tags on. 

I filled my chalkboard tray with spring tags

I took down all the winter tags and placed the cupcake toppers, confetti and buntings 

I did bring these little wall shelves I painted a long time ago, I was going to use them for myself but then could not decide where I was going to use now they are here.

last I brought in this beautiful green and gold tier stand that is very old and unique.

 I'm having so much fun with my space. I enjoy creating new and favorite items, decorating my space and painting furniture to keep stocking it.
I also now have more fun shopping or hitting the auctions for cool vintage items to bring in. 

It is stressful at times and the pricing and tagging is a pain but well worth it.

It took me a long time to find a place where my style would fit it and I'm glad I waited to find Crompton. 

Do you have your own space or booth?  If so what is your favorite part about it?

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg