Spring Tags and More

 The past week I worked on items mainly for my space at Crompton but also items that will be going up on my Etsy shop. Next week I'm going to start a ready to ship section on my Etsy shop with my clay tags ready to go, so I'm going to focus on that and today I worked on a dresser, nightstand and a few home decor items like some shelves and wall candler holders.

Here are my new spring tags

I already placed the price tag on it so that's what that is behind the tag

Nest & Eggs

Seed Packets

 New Pet Tags

 For baked goods

 For the Crafter


For my space I made some party items

Cupcake toppers
 These two are my favorite but I also made a spring theme and a french linen theme. 

a matching long flag bunting

A circle bunting in black,gray and yellow

 matching confetti

 Button confetti

I also make cards for my space ( a favorite hobby of mine..including all paper crafts )

and baby announcement tags 

and bunny tags

I would love to work all day on getting more paper goods on my etsy shop, I just need to get more craft time in. 

 I hope I have another productive day tomorrow like I did today!

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg