July Shop News


Summer is really going by fast. Our July is full of things to do and in August we have a two week camping trip, then a birthday party to be planned and somewhere in between back to school shopping. 

After the vintage bazaar ( which you can read more on that here via my blog ) I still had some leftover pieces, handmade and vintage goods to bring to my booth at Crompton Collective. 


I brought in the black oak dresser, a old wall cabinet with a glass door and some hand blocked fabric buntings. I completely forgot to take the cleaner and paper towels off the dresser before taking photos. 


The hutch/dresser was brought in as well as the metal industrial card catalog that comes with a stand. The boy painting is old and I just love the colors in it. This picture doesn't do it justice. 


My hand blocked and stenciled towels and hand blocked pillow covers. The pillow forms are also made in the USA. 


I also brought some mini banners in. Only one Massachusetts. I sold the rest at the show. I would like to make more when I can get a chance to go fabric shopping. 


Its nice to have my space full of furniture and handmade goods. 


I will update next month with new store photos.