Shop Talk: Christmas Time

I love this time of the year. Its my favorite holiday. I really enjoy filling my booth with fun and festive decor.
This is what my booth at Crompton Collective looked like last week. 
I wanted to share photos of my space when I went a week before so I will be sharing those in between. I have been going once a week to re stock.

This was how it looked a week before

I moved some pieces around to make room for this bench I painted. I love the pillows on it. 

This is how it was before. I sold the arrow desk and the blue dresser

I sold all but one of these moss trees. 


I brought in this vintage solid wood ironing board a few weeks ago and I love it as a table. It doesn't wiggle.

Last week I moved it over by my towels and cards to change things up.


I love my twiggy tree....its different then most fake tabletop trees and I like that you can see through it. It makes a great display for my ornaments 


old tin typewriter, counting machine and a wood milk truck

Not the best photo...this little table was recently painted and distressed for a shabby look. 



I brought in this old nightstand with a floral design on the front. Its french. I love the way it is so I brought it in that way. 

And lastly another photo of the bench. The vintage blanket adds warmth. 

I'm heading to the shop tomorrow to bring in some ornaments and my popular Massachusetts ornaments. 

Also my etsy shop is closing at midnight eastern time on the 13th. This way I can finish all my orders and start enjoying family time. 
 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg
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Shop Talk

This is my favorite time of the year for having a booth. This is actually my second time being at

Crompton Collective

for Christmas. I'm so excited to display Christmas and winter decor.

I really try to bring in a lot of handmade items. I also like to have vintage items. I went in last week to start getting my space ready. Since I can get in until the week after Thanksgiving this is the best time for me to start. Not everyone wants to see Christmas before turkey day but when you have a booth or a shop you need to. This year Christmas is 3 weeks after Thanksgiving. So its coming fast. 

I made some stag head pillows like I did last year. These are handmade by me and the pillow forms are completely made in the USA! I brought in the

fur stool

but it sold fast. I will make more when I find more stools. 

I brought in my twiggy Christmas tree for displaying my newest ornaments for this year...and few from last. I love the way this tree looks...its not to full and its easy to add ornaments. I could have gone bigger. I placed it in a metal tub to make sure it doesn't tip over.

I did do two stag head pillows in Chevron fabric also. 

I brought in a few of my

felt wreaths

in different sizes and one in gray.

I still haven't shared this metal bench make over...

.hopefully soon.

I made some new Christmas flour sack towels and a spoon and fork one. 

a Swiss cross one....and I'm hoping to start selling these towels in my etsy shop. 

Here is the forest mobile I created and a vine wreath with a stag head clay ornament inside. 

I made new cupcake toppers

with wood grain paper on the back for a rustic touch.

This is a very cool rattan didn't fit in my space so I have it in the middle next to me. 

and that's it......for now. I have way to much more I can bring. I have vintage tin toys, bar art, mid century art, old blankets, newly painted furniture including another bench,small decorative moss Christmas trees and much more. Hopefully I can get it all in before Christmas. 

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg

I will be sharing my booth at the link parties on my link party page click


 to see them all.

Owls, Pom Pom Flowers & More

I've sold most of my owls at the shop so I came up with a few more and a bunny. Lets just say the bunny isn't as easy as the owl. I defiantly enjoy creating these guys and will be focusing on making more of these guys for the shop and possibly for the Vintage Bazaar I'll be attending this summer. I will share more on that as it gets a little closer.

I revamped the tool box as well, it was unfinished so I stained it in dark walnut and painted the sides only, leaving the inside un-touched.

I love little wall decor like these candle-holders, I painted them in turquoise and distressed them enough for bits of white to pop through. 

I made spring pom pom flowers for my shop and selling them as a set with the vase.

 You can easily bend the stem to create any look

 Remember this sign I made? Well I put it away for the winter and forgot about it, so I brought it into the shop since spring is almost here.

 I'm still hoping to finish my craft room by the end of April. With the show in June I'll be working harder to get things ready for that but I'm excited for it this year....this was last years show.

I'm writing down my plans for the show now, what I'll be making, bringing and the little things.

I need to make sure I plan out my work this time to be completely ready this time...although last year I only had a week to get ready! 

Have a great weekend!
 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg 

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